4 reasons to choose a procurement tool specifically made for transports and logistics

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What sets a procurement tool specifically geared towards freight procurement apart from a regular procurement tool? To answer that, I’ve compiled a few of the benefits that might come with using a transport procurement tool: 
1. Specific functionality/templates
Procuring transports can be very different from procuring other goods or services. Certain logics needs to be applied that is not usually applied for other sorts of procurement, such as break point calculations, freight weight conversions and similar logics.
2. Additional benefits 
Procurement of freight solutions is not all about long term contracts. If you need to pursue additional ad-hoc requests, a procurement solution like TenderEasy has the extra modules to allow for doing this as well. Adding on API and search engine to query your tendered rates, well then, we are talking a complete set of potentials for your organisation. This is something that is not available via a generic procurement tool.
3. Integration
A procurement tool, while surely useful and necessary, can only take you as far as to the negotiation and signing of contracts. So, when it’s time to implement the procured solution, the ability to integrate with transport specific systems, such as TMS-systems, it is very important to smoothly transition into actually using the new contracts.
4. Competence
Whenever you run into a situation, you might want to contact support, and there should be skilled freight procurement professionals on the other side. With a tool built by professionals, for professionals, this can be expected and delivered for sure. How about a generic tool, can it solve this need? Will you get the same attention and freight procurement knowledge available when you need it?
Above points should be kept in mind when researching what solution is right for you and your company. Weather you go for a general procurement tool, or a solution tailor made for transport procurement.
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