service center

land freight

Our freight  management   experts partner   with you to learn your business first-hand.   Equipped with an    intimate   understanding of  your supply    chain requirements.

warehousing services

We have a wide range of warehouse facilities and management in strategic locations worldwide .We can help from the high level decisions of where to place national, regional or export DCs.

sea freight

our management teams seek to understand your objectives and create solutions that deliver. We  standardized Road Freight products with a host of  options to achieve the ideal goals

chemical logistics

We are safe, reliable and cost effective  freight forwarding, transport, storage, handling and safety management solutions for the chemical  commodity sectors.

Customs clearance

 We understand the necessity of smooth customs clearance for  your business. Our experts understand  local rules and regulations, and the challenges of global business.

air freight

      Our standard Air Freight products and their multiple options bring added flexibility to your supply chain.The rise of internet decades contributed to Air freight keep its mark on way

precious customers

customer service

Our role of customer service is to provide time and place utilities in the transfer of goods and services between the manufacturer and the customer.The purpose of the Pendulum logistic system is to serve customers as well or better than the competition and at the same time to make profits. Customer service is the chain of sales activities and meeting customer requirements, which begins with receiving the orders and ends with the delivery of the products to customers, in some cases continuing with
equipment maintenance services.
Pendulum logistics

The world of Logistics